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There Is A War In Me

To The Wolf House


The Man At The Keyboard (after Charles Bukowski)

Know Your Limits

The Silence

The Misanthrope


Child B

Let The Old Years Suffer

An Anglo-Saxon Recital

A Visit To Naples

Drowning In Air

These Useless Days


If You Recall The Others

Face Pain Blues

For All That She Is

An Actor

Motherless child

Fake 19th Century Lines

She's Gone

Mammaire est sortie

We leave, the earth carries on

A Working Man's Apology

The Girl Who Cuts My Hair

A Shadow's Prayer

Just Pretend


In Exile

The Puppet's Lament

Where The Sixties Went

Wind Instruments

Sleeping in the North

Thought River Elbow

The Good Vandals of Delft


Across the Normandy Sands

The Architectural Institute, Rotterdam

The Bohemian Coast

A Self-unravelling Dental Flossify

A Different Noise In Each Ear Makes You Vicious


Je Wow-wow Mummies

Persephone on Watersloot

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