A Working Man's Apology

I cut cotton. I dug. I worked for the man.
I served my time on the penitentiary farm,
Came home beat from work, ready to sleep
Before I fed. I heard the recriminations in my head,
Fought at 2am the lies they said,
Knowing they were true. I worked for you
And our kids, raised every marble arm between here
And Kentucky. I once got lucky, so we spent
Our money on a car. I know what love is
But I went too far and wanted more.
She was a bar girl and I was a whore
For cheating on you, but I had an excuse -
All my life I've been working,
And needed to cut loose. Forgive me, babe,
Our love is strong, but I've been working for the man -
Working, working, my whole life long.