She's Gone

The girl with the dark disturbance is gone,
She's left the building where she was young,
To find another man to savage.

With her long, pale limbs and oil-brown eyes,
She weaves a tempest in her hand,
And blows it like a kiss to all who love her,
Turning, with her vicious claws, the froth of words
Into a soup of fear and malediction.

In the little village at the foot of the hill,
The residents are tremulous and expect the bang
That tells them she is coming. Little girls
Run to their mothers' knees and cry
Like paper being ripped, and all around
The frowning sky.
                     O, little girl,
Do not grow old, do not take the penny
Of the magic man who will make you feared
But make you frost. Besides,
Nobody likes ice on a volcano,
And your lovers will all leave you,
For another girl, on another bed,
In another room, they will say to her:

The girl with the dark disturbance is gone,
Who made up my mind and haunted my dreams,
                                      so long.