For All That She Is

Jane, when the wind has gathered us
We'll walk from the storms that bothered us,
The blasts from the West were not serious,
                            to all that we are.

You know that the skies are not listening,
Least to the thoughts that we have within,
Our smiles when we rise and first begin,
                           are all that we are.

Because what seas could trouble us,
Or even dark clouds roll over us,
We'd still have this bond inside of us,
                            to all that we are.

It was summer when you met with me,
The smell of your hair delighted me,
But the look in your eye invited me,
                            to all that you are.

The visions ahead held promises
Of lives we could live instead of this,
And some of it came in spite of us,
                            and all that we are.

But then storms that lashed us violently,
Far from the lock and from the quay,
Most broke our hopes upon the sea,
                            and all that we are.

But maybe like the sailor's eye
When a flower and a leaf on a twig float by,
We'll see dry land in the bye and bye,
                            for all that we are.