A different noise in each ear makes you vicious

Who seeks a sequel meets his equal.
Who flees a farm will harvest harm.
Who walks away will run today.
Who bends the plough will reap somehow.
Who breaks the chain will not be strange.
Who first betrays will be upraised.
Who soars on sound will hit the ground.
Who dreams of flight will drown all night.
Who asks the sea will disagree.
Whose tongue is mute will still dispute.
Who's reached the end will laugh and mend.
Who's been destroyed will still be joyed. (Emmanuel's Maxim)

Who's been confused is disabused.
Who's had to flee is solitary.
Who knows he's wrong will still find song,
Who thinks he's right will still find light.
Who loves his foes will drown in woes,
Who knows his friends will make amends.

Who follows crowds will cry out loud,
Who follows none will die alone.
Who questions all will never fall,
Who questions none will drop like stone.

Who works least will miss the feast,
Who eats most will miss the toast.
Who fasts longest will be strongest,
Who wastes weeping will be weakest.

Who waits a moment will miss a life,
Who considers long avoids a strife.
Who jumps quickest soonest lands,
Who waits watching understands.

Who hesitates is quickly lost,
Who is cautious counts the cost.
Who is thrifty reaps rewards,
Who spends more than he affords.

Who stores up a wealth of wine,
Will be thirsty all the time.
Who demands security,
Will never leave his mother's knee.

Who seeks to soar and conquer far,
Will do so just to please his pa.
Who cannot carry his own load,
Will need a coolie down the road.

Who writes accounts is unannounced,
Who gambles all is loudly called.
Who never falls never rises,
Who wanders not has no surprises.

Who signifies with stick or pen,
Will have to live his life again.
Who writes in riddles is unread,
What's said in jest remains unsaid.

What's said in wine is said the same,
But with less conviction, by sober brain.
What's said in anger's often blind
To trouble ahead and truth behind.

What's said in reason lacks conviction,
What's intense is not sustained.
Who burns brightest for a season,
When winter comes is just remains.

What the young can teach the old
Is too emotive to be told.
What the old can teach the young,
Is too rational to be sung.