A Self-unravelling Dental Flossify

Thanks to Marcus and the other futilists
We know well the nature of the obvious and ineluctable -
This sad bitch of a dog's life. It's the first lesson we learn
When we see a sparrow freeze one abnormal winter
Or a worm fry on the path in summer,
And when we consider the ones who came before us
Are now gone like we will be. But these are childish
Lessons that distract us from the task at hand.
To make from sand fantastic castles that the tide
Will soon undo. So what? While we inhabit them,
The parrot man, the squawk, the bending pitch
Of the wow-wow, the shimmering curtain of the joke,
The murderer's suspense - diabolical biographical twists
That sweetly foul the bitter taste and joking rules
That throw wide open the game of trust - these weave
The cloth that allures and leads us on,
Making us forget our lover's lip
Will soon be parted
From the bone.