Can you remember a time
	before we came into this cell?
	they sought an abstract good
	inside the earth
	and brought forth demons;
	what good was the abstract good
	without the fallible gesture?
Bewitched, woken on the hither shore
	amongst the usual litter,
	transmuted in time from the less
	to the more loved, madness
	and confusion, at last resolved
	in music.
		You will be provided with the key
	that will unlock the hidden beauty
	of these turgid tones, and what cymbals
	strained each other shall melt together
	in their higher felt relation.
		The cacophony
	becomes eclectic and supersedes
	your worst apprehension
		baleful nature of things
	that darkened the spring sky, suddenly
	a miasma. Rising from the earth
	thrown across the electric clouds
	a witch's veil over milkless moon -
	I ran and ran and ran
	and found no resting place.