Je Wow-Wow Mummies

Jeremy's brain is an alien construction,
It doesn't fit most situations. Lately,
He's bin pondering the meaning of it,
In post-prandial piscatorial obstruction.
Leaning in the sink (and coughing), he noted
How weird that moment was, his hand
Was on the meter that operates the flow
But in certain, typical situations
He still could not let go.
But late at night with his headphones on,
When normal folks are all gone home,
All gone sleepy, deeply sleepy,
You can hear his ergo moan
From the briny to the phone.
He rocks his foot and shakes his thing,
And though the neighbours ring and ring
He still don't answer anyhow, all they hear
Is sacred cow, and Jermie's Mummies' Wow-Wow,
And jermy's mummy's wow-wow.